This is what a CowSignals Master Trainer course looks like!

This is what a CowSignals Master Trainer course looks like!

A CowSignals training is always a combination of interactive lectures and workshops inside the barn.

1. Interactive lecture
How do you get 2 more lactations? 16 brand new CowSignals trainers are working on this question! During the training the learn to get 2 more lactations, and 1.000 liters more milk. Ultimate goals: more happy and healthy cows & more work income and working pleasure for the farmer.

2. Workshop in the barn
Soft beds are the new standard for cows! This farmer gives his cows a deep, soft bed with composted horse manure and wood chip. Also he made sure the beds are big enough. All the cows were lying down, great result!

Soft beds give 2 more litres of milk compared to matresses. Read also: Sand vs Mattress

Liked what you saw? Join us in the next CowSignals Master Trainer Course or start with CowSignals video learning.

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Tommy Wollesen

How to get two more lactations?
simple bay Flex Stalls and Flex Feed from Cow-Welfare, and the job is done, on the same time you get a lot of other benefits for your cows as well.

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