The effects of CowSignals®: story of two Masters, part 2

This is the story of Ed Parrish and David Shardlow of the Reaseheath Agriculture department; two men who recently became CowSignals® Masters. Their mission: two more lactations for the dairy cows at the Reaseheath College farm.

Last week...

In last week’s blog, we explained that the CowSignals® Master course sparked the idea to create more light, air, and space for their cows by removing the outside walls of the freestall barns.
This week, we are excited to share the results with you.

The results

The results so far speak for themselves. This picture was taken a day after removing one of the walls. According to David, the stalls next to it have been occupied the whole day, and cows even line up to get a spot here!
cows lying in stalls after wall removal.JPG

Room with a view

We can tell why, especially if you see it from outside; apart from getting loads of fresh air, these ladies can now have a nice look outside.
view from outside.JPG

The change

The next picture shows what used to be the most popular stalls in the barn…. Used to be.
These used to be the most popular stalls.JPG

What's next?

David, Ed and their students are planning on taking down all the walls one by one, so everyone can clearly see the effects of the work. And they will not stop there… they also want to:

  1. 1. Replace the feed fence with a tube
    2. Replace the concrete stalls (and cow mattresses) with deep litter boxes
    3. Coating the feeding tables to make eating easier

All the changes will be made step by step, so they can monitor the impact the changes have. We have no doubt that these guys will achieve their goal of two more lactations within no time. We are looking forward to hearing more from them. Happy cows, happy farmers!

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