The effects of CowSignals®: story of two Masters, part 1

The men with a plan

Ed Parrish and David Shardlow are both passionate members of the Reaseheath Agriculture department; David Shardlow teaches and Ed is the Farm manager of the Reaseheath College dairy farm (Cheshire, UK). It has 260 dairy cows plus youngstock, and covers 2.72 square kilometers (272 hectares).

Ed and David completed the CowSignals® Master course in September 2019, making both licensed CowSignals® Masters. They now offer CowSignals® advice to farmers, helping them improve animal welfare and efficiency on their farms.
Throughout the Master course they got lots of inspiration for solutions to make ‘their’ cows and youngstock happy. One idea they got was to create more light, air, and space for the cows by removing the outside walls of the freestall barns.
Since then, Ed and David’s students have been working tirelessly to make this idea come true! Their goal: achieving 2 more lactations per cow.

To be continued….

Next week, we will show you the results of all their hard work! Spoiler alert: it pays off…

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