Test your observation skills!

The left and right side of this barn are different.
Can you tell how? And what are the causes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks for sharing your observations with our community :).

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John Moran

Cows on the left side look uncomfortable and are continually moving around and wagging their tails. They appear more hungry as the rumen triangle is more depressed. Isn't the curtain up in the right hand side but not the left? If so it is greater heat stress in the left hand side reducing appetite and cow comfort

Ho Duc Tham

Cows in left side are more comfortable than those on the right side. Since the ventilation is batter and also the cooling fans with smog also work better than in the right sight


@John; douze points... :-)

Alexandre Pedroso

Many standing cows on the right side, probably due to poor ventilation, because of the curtains. Many more cows lying on the left side, where thre are no curtains.

Michael Pedreiro

The cows on the right side are showings signs of mild heat stress or at least being more uncomfortable than the cows on the left. This is evidenced by more of the cows standing up and not lying down. This is due to the fact that the curtains are down on the right side and are up on the left side. Being that it is November (and assuming this is the Northern Hemisphere) the ambient temperature has reduced to where you can take advantage of natural air flow and raise the curtains.

Jim Kelleher

no cows near feed barrier on right but near the sides, probably trying to get some air, plenty near barrier on left, side open so probably more air here

Joep Driessen

Great observations everyone! On my left side (the side with the curtains) more cows are lying down indeed. The wind is blowing in through the curtains.
The sun is is shining on the south side of the building (on the right), so more heat stress there.

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