Take care of your water troughs!

Take care of your water troughs!

Picture shows how your tubes can look after twenty years. You see how ferrum and magnesium caused a serious block here at the water trough entry. This caused the water flow to slow down to 3 liters per minute. Not nearly fast enough!

The farmer fixed the problem by instaling new, 3 cm wide pipes, a big entry and a pressure pomp. Now he has a fast drinker with the required flow of 20 liters of water per minute. Great job!

So: check your drinkers! Especially with the summer coming up!

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Jose Antonio Romero Martinez

Out what the video is a cow with her ​​necklace is too tight obsrva but the video is not very clear
To water it is very important to know what kind of minerals are in the drinking water to determine the mineral addiction or not to use a part of palatability

Joost Straathof

Of course it is also important to take away the cause of this pollution. A water treatment system for iron, manganese and hardness can do the job.
This will also help to improve the taste of the water. I am quite sure this will cause a better water intake and milk production as well.


Please also check : http://www.kanters.nl/en/products/cleaning-%26-disinfection/aqua-clean , for proper cleaning and disinfecting of waterdrinkinglines !

H.deLaat-Kanters special products Netherlands


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