Taiwanese hoof trimmer in action

Taiwanese hoof trimmer in action. Look at the nice truck. What do you see here? Please post your feedback below thanks!

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check out lameness research at ILVO (gaitwise) and Kuleuven

Valerie Jonckheer-Sheehy

Cow being badly transported.
Cow lame
I didn't actually see the hoof trimmer actually trim the hooves.were we meant to?

hope you will help the people to improve cattle welfare there :-)

Jenny Colwell

Yes, I didn't see it actually working or any hoof trimming being done. Was the cow on its side whilst having its feet done? How lame was it before hand? It was certainly lame afterwards. The only point of the whole thing would be if the hoof trimmer could work quickly and efficiently with least possible stress to cow or person. We didn't see any of that.

Annelise Hever

Fact is that the cow is lame on three legs after trimming. Trimming itself was not shown, so we do not know about his skills. Interaction with the cow is rather rough. But above all, without good equipment hoof trimming is just impossible. How can the fix a cow properly in this poor equipment? Takes him a long time per cow and it's dangerous and stressful for him and the cow. See also good information on hoof trimming on www.DairylandHoofCare.com

Keith Gardiner

Sadly the unit looks like a mobile slaughter truck! Good job these guys are being educated, the first step will be to get them to recognise the need to change and improve. It again shows that Europe has some the best and most technologically advance cattle foot trimmers in the world!

Joep Driessen

Hi guys, trimmer was doing the best he could.... But that was not good enough. Sadly in many parts of the world people still wait till cows are extremely lame and then start treating and trimming them.... Half a year to late...
In taiwan they use rice straw sandels. They do not have blocks to lift up the painfull claw...
Educate your customers. Our HoofSignals almost 5 hour online video learning sgould be compulsiry for any farmer... Lots to learn. If you understand Cows and claws, you can win the game! Thanks for your contributions! Great to read!

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