Swiss voting on cow horns

Swiss voting on cow horns

Article by CowSignals master trainer Tamara Fretz

Probably in the next few weeks the world will start talking (and laughing) about our Swiss voting that we will have on November 25th 2018. We made it and now the Swiss people will decide, if farmers will get some financial support, when they will leave the horns on the cows (and goats).

They need more time for herd management, the barns have to be bigger, or less animals in the barn and all this costs Swiss money. You have to know, that farmers get financial support in some regions, when the cows wear bells, or when there are nice flowers in front of the farmhouse windows. So why not getting money for support of the cows dignity, which is already protected by the Swiss constitution?

It will still be the choice of each farmer, to keep the horns or to burn them out, so no ban will be activated. But just about 10% of all cows still have their horns, not much, but on every milk bottle and chocolate barn you see them with.

Download the flyer (German) >>

Article 'It's about the dignity of the animal' (German) >>

Official website (English) >>

What do you think about this initiative? Should farmers that leave the horns be suported financially?

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Annelise Hever

It is not true that farmers get extra money when cows have bells or flowers in front of the farm houses. The initiative about financial support for farmers who keep cows with horns is unnecessary, ridicoulous and will fail. If a farmer wants to leave the horns on his cattle he can do that already now but there is no need that the tax payers should pay for that. I would rather support a initiative that gives extra money for good housing, ventilation and cubicals with the optimal dimensions for high resting comfort...


Good initiative. Productive livestock needs more financel support to realise better conditions for farm animals. Space is necessary - also for social herds with leaving horns on cows. I hope for a decision for the animals!

Joep Driessen

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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