Successful vets are also great advisors

Successful vets are also great advisors

There are two main drivers for preventive behaviour: do I feel like I have a problem and am I confident that I can do something about it. If one of those two is absent, nothing will happen - dr. Jolanda Jansen, TvD

Just being a supplier of medicine and knowlegde is not sufficient anymore. You also have to be an advisor who helps find sustainable solutions to improve animal welfare. This is not an easy job for every vet. The Dutch Tijdschrift voor Diergeneeskunde (TvD) (Magazine for veterinary medicine) wrote a great article on being a good advisor, based on research from animal scientist Dr. Jolanda Jansen. These are our 5 favorite tips from the article:

  • break through cognitive dissonance (having contradictive believes or not acting according your believes).
  • try to find out why a farmer does what he does.
  • don't just transfer knowlegde, ask lots of open questions
  • help overcome barriers, make it easy for them
  • differentiate on emotional quality

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What is you best tip on being an advisor? What do you do to really help clients? Or: what do the people do who really help you? Please share below!

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