Successful farmers about youngstock rearing

Successful farmers about youngstock rearing

Last week we did a training on YoungStock Signals in England. Part of the training was visiting farmers and see how they do it. They're doing a great job and there's a lot that we can learn from them! Here are 5 examples we want to share with you:

Have a stress-free calving line

Make sure your new born calf is drinking enough

Provide your calfs with water, milk, hay and concrete

Clean buckets and teats daily with warm water and disinfectant

Practical tool for calf drinking

Do you want to learn more about youngstock rearing? Sign up for the video learning or join our day training in June.

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What about pair housing of calves? That is a pretty important recommendation too I think?

Anouk Brinkhoff

Hi Anne-Marieke,

Yes, we like that too! Thanks for the adding it to the list.
See also:

Vivien Dillon

It's great to see clean calf feeders, and simple designs for milk bars which work well. Can you video someone feeding a bunch of calves? If the calves are not well matched, it takes a very skilful stockman to make sure each calf is allowed the right amount of milk, and often bullying starts here.

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