Stress-free stockmanship: stop and go

As a part of our stress-free stockmanship we're practising 'stop and go'. It's on of the ways you can move cows stress-free. What do you see happening? Please share you're observations!

More tips & tricks on moving cows in our training stress-free stockmanship

Day training June 19

Video learning

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Marcos Giménez Zapiola

I can only guess that you were trying to walk the cows out. If it was so, the video shows a complete failure. Three persons moving without coherence and getting the cows very confused. Please give me your input, I'm startled.

Shittu saka

It's startling to me too, perhaps, a simple tapping or coordinated movement by three personnel will achieve better.

Paul Kernaleguen

I didn’t feel this was an example of anything. Practicing this stopping and starting style should perhaps be done with a little more assertiveness while the pressure is properly placed up towards the animals head. Then when trying to stop the animal, if going parrael with her isn’t working a person must fade away from her little to release pressure at the same time. Otherwise all you accomplish is getting into a foot race with the animal which undoes all the good you’ve tried to create!

David Bradley

I think guys the idea of the video is getting used to moving cows around and learning how close you can or cannot get to them . I see too many farm staff with stick and trying to rush them causing them to slip and causing an injury! Am I right her??

Joep Driessen

Thanks for your comments all!

See that I should have explained a bit more about this exercise: the goal was not to get the cows out. The goal for each person individually is to try out how the cows react (like David says). How close can you get? Where does she move to?

Walk next to her behind her schoulder: she moves forward.
Step in front of her shoulder: she stops.

We have a lot more of these moves in stress-free stockmanship training. Very easy way to move cows and much better than rushing them or using sticks.

Like David says: getting used to moving cows this way and see how close you can get. If you can do this r

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