"Stress-free stockmanship made me safer and more efficiënt"

"Stress-free stockmanship made me safer and more efficiënt"

Photo: Trainer Bert van Niejenhuis showing the flight zone test

AB Oost is a Dutch employment agency that delivers temporary farm workers to dairies. They just organized a stress-free stockmanship training for their employees with our trainer Bert van Niejenhuis. One of the main goals was to have people work more safely. Albert Jansen is one of the people who joined the course.

Stress-free stockmanship techniques really work

"It was a very educative course. It's the little things that are so important and are really valuable in handling cattle. I understand better now why cows react to me the way they do and know how to move a cow without stress. I tried it right away the evening after the training and it works. At first there was trouble with getting the cows up from the beds and getting them to the milking parlour. By walking in zig-zag lines behind the cows, the cows get up easier and walk to the milking parlour faster. It can all be done without making a lot of noise. I even became more efficient by being more aware of where I stand in the milking parlour."

Bringing stress-free stockmanship to the farms Albert works for

Albert Jansen stress-free stockmanship2a.jpgAlbert has been using the stress-free stockmanship techniques for a while now and is still very enthusiastic:
"I have more fun working now. Sometimes I can even give tips to the people I'm working with. Unfortunately, some don't take the advice and keep using force. However, I see a lot of positive effects too. A farmer that I had worked for while he was sick called AB Oost to tell them he was very satisfied with my help. He said he liked that I was quiet between the cows and that the cows weren't stressed with me as a stranger between them. That right there is what you do it for! Right now I'm working for a German farmer and he was suprised that I could fetch the cows silently. They are now trying the tips and tricks themselves".

Benefits of stress-free stockmanship

"The most important thing to me is safety. When you're young, you think that force will make everything go faster. However, it increases the risk for accidents a lot. I know now that if you work stress-free, you work easier, faster and safer. I also noticed that people who don't work stress-free, often have more fysical complaints with their shoulder, wrist and neck for example. So I'd also recommend this course for your own health".

We're very happy with AB Oost and people like Albert for doing this course. Not only does it make the work more safe and more fun for their own people, they're also bringing these new techniques to the companies they work for. A win-win-win situation for cows, farm workers and farmers!

Training stress-free stockmanship

In the training stress-free stockmanship we teach you why cows behave the way they do. We also have a lot of techniques for you to move and handle cows easily, safely and efficiently. The goal is to have less accidents and more working pleasure for the farmer and workers. Among stress-free cows we see less lameness and a higher milk production.

Day training June 19

Video learning

Or contact us for in-company options.

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