Stress-free stockmanship for less accidents

Stress-free stockmanship for less accidents

"Watch carefully and respect distance"
Every cow has their own flight zone. When a farmer or a worker steps into this circle, the animal gets nervous and stressed. "The head goes up and she's ready to run away" explains CowSignals founder Joep Driessen. "A panicked animal doesn't pay attention to where she puts her feet. Result: lame cows, stress in the herd and a bigger chance of accidents".
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AB Oost is a Dutch employment agency. They decided to do a training stress-free stockmanship with their employees. They wanted their farm workers and hoof trimmers to work better and, most importantly, more safely. Working with cattle is never without a risk, but they wanted to work on minimalizing accidents.

One of the participants:
"I come on farms for AB Oost since 1980. Of course I knew that the quiet way is the best way. I support Joep's vision that we have to adapt to the animal, she shouldn't adapt to us. Joep even supported his method with numbers: stress-free cows give more milk and are less often lame. I'll definitely share the tips from this training with co-workers and farmers. I'll be doing things differently myself as well".

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