Stress-free Stockmanship - Tuesday 25th November

Stress-free Stockmanship - Tuesday 25th November

1. Neil Chesterton

(International expert on foot health/lameness and cow herding in grazing systems):
Neil Chesterton.jpgPrevention of hoof problems caused by mechanical forces while walking. How to properly herd cows, so cows are happy and people are happy. Cow tracks. Getting cows into a holding pen and in and out the milk parlor in a smooth, stress-free manner. Problem shooting: my cows do not want to come into the parlor.

2. Jan Hulsen

(International expert on cow management):
Jan Hulsen.jpgHandling cows: set up, organization and working procedures. How to get quiet cows that behave predictably. Working satisfaction. No stress in the milking parlor. Herding. Rule no. 1 for effective treatments. When people work with cows that are quiet and predictable, they have more job satisfaction. Training can make the difference!

Stress-free Stockmanship

Tuesday - 25th November 2014, Bergharen (Netherlands)
Attendants fee: only € 200,00 - for a stress-free Monday
Including coffee, tea, lunch. Excluding tax.
time: 9.30 till 16.30
For signing up please mail to: or

Training location

CowSignals Training Center
Hoekgraaf 17a,
Bergharen, the Netherlands
(When too many attendees, location could be changed you will be informed asap)

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