Soft bed on top of 20 cm concrete: is possible!

Soft bed on top of 20 cm concrete is possible. Just ad 20 cm wood as bedding keeper. Here 42 cm.(better is 20 cm step).

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Gary Michael Paul Mourant

I agree with your comment about the height of the curb with the wooden bedding keeper being too high and the teats are dragged over it. I would prefer to see a 20 cm height as usually used in the industry with a pack mat installation, allowing 10-12 cm soft bedding on top of a porous cover.
This reduces bedding costs, reduces labor to replace bedding as the depth the cow hoof penetration is only up to 15 cm maximum. This gives superb cow comfort and efficiency. It also promotes the ergonomic factor lessening the amount of time to groom the cow bed. This would increase profitability through the return on investment aspect. I can see the wooden bedding keeper as a trial, or a very low cost choice to meet budgets.
Experimenting with different designs is always intriguing and welcome. Like you say Happy Cows, Happy Farmers.

joep driessen

Hi Gary, thanks for your comment!
15 cm is not bad, on top of a mat.
We normally design 20 cm without a mat, or nowadays, 30 cm without a mat...
As long as it is soft.... and large enough.... how long is a cow?? Did you watch the FREE video program yet? Take care!

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