Small changes, big effect: 1 liter more milk per cow per day

Small changes, big effect: 1 liter more milk per cow per day

Erskine farm

Jason and Scott Erskine are the owners of Erskine Farm. The two brothers are the fourth generation of producers on the farm where they currently milk 170 cows.

In Decembre 2015, Jason and Scott hosted a CowSignals session. Following this session, they decided to increase the amount of bedding in the stalls as well as to move the head rail in the stalls and at the feed bunk. Jason and Scott also committed to reducing the number of cows per group.

Comment from the producer:
Since the CowSignals session we observed less perching in the stalls. We also observed a production increase of 1L per cow per day. We really enjoyed the CowSignals experience since it helped us to go one step toward proAction.

Purina Proactiv

Purina Proactiv is an information center to help you make more profit with happy cows by Purina Canada. Their people are trained CowSignals masters and advisors and part of their initiative are regular CowSignals workshops in Canada.
We're very proud to have them on board!

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