Sleeping cows

Sleeping cows on compost bedded pack, movie by Jeffrey Bewley.
He wants to do research on sleep behaviour:

"The compost barn sleeping has made us think of sleep behavior as another cow signal that could have a positive impact on immunity. So, we are working on a monitor for cow sleep measurement. Our concept is that while lying time tells us about rest quantity it doesn’t necessarily address rest quality."

What do you think of this idea?

We for one are really interested! We'll keep you posted!

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Kamilla Breinhild

Dear Jeffrey
Nice video! A pleasure to see resting and sleeping cows. We are working with a couple of compost barns here in Australia and it is delightful to see cows so comfortable on the compost bedded pack and they are so deep in sleep that we can stand right next to them and they just continue to "snooze". Absolutely agree with you on quality of rest and impact on immune function. We (humans) feel better when we have a good nights rest in a comfortable bed, so why wouldn't cows. Very interested in what you come up with in regards to a monitoring tool. Best regards Kamilla

Maury Cox

We are learning more and more about the importance of sleep and bodily rest in humans. The number of people with sleep apnea continues to increase. The lack of proper sleep plays a major role in one's health, especially as the immune system is involved. A scientific study in this area could be enlightening.

Steffen Elmer

Those resting cows looks just great. What is the composition of the pack it looks so dry

Jaco Joubert

Where can I get more info on compost barns?
I 100% agree. Cows need more quality sleep. Have seen so many times cows trying to lay down flat in the stalls. Would like to follow the research please

Barry Steevens

Nutrition, health and cow comfort enable high production. We observe cows sleeping in a free stall with their head tucked around to the back.
Interesting to document the duration of a cow resting stretched out as rumen gas production must be addressed. Always assumed cows like to lie uphill because of rumen function.

Christine Maria Røntved

Very interesting :). In humans, lack of sleep associated with chronic stress is actually on of the only factors that is well documented for its negative effect on immune functions. Keep in mind though, animals have different sleeping patterns than humans. The "no restriction part" of the body during sleeping compared to sleeping in a tie stall or in a restricted area is also interesting. Any considerations with regards to light ? What is the sleeping pattern for ruminants living on the savannah with possible carnivores in the area?


the idea is good and i am waiting for your results

Jeffrey Bewley

Thanks for the interest. We have a lot of questions of course. You can learn more about our work on compost bedded pack barns here:

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