Sense of sensors in transition management

Sense of sensors in transition management

Dry cows: eating time and calving to first service interval

“Sense of sensors” research by CowSignals® Masters Jan Hulsen and Peter Hut shows how eating time variables of cows in the transition period could be related to the interval between calving and first service.
Read the full research paper here:

If dry cows spend more time eating, the chances for insemination increase. Dry cows that eat less may not display heat as quickly, or they may look too weak to conceive to the farmer.
All the more reason to make sure all dry cows are well fed and well rested!
Unfortunately, that is not always the case. All too often dry cows don’t eat and rest enough, which increases the risk of metabolic and reproductive diseases. These disorders often lead to culling. Needless to say, we need to prevent this as much as we can.

How to prevent?

Sometimes, the answer is simple: give dry cows a place to eat, and a place to rest!
This goes for dry cows as well as the rest of the herd. If nothing is stopping a cow from eating and resting, that is what she will do.
Make dry cow management a priority; stop losing money on preventable diseases.

Dry to Fresh video course

Advise our community!

How do you make sure your dry cows spend enough time eating? Let our community know in the comments, it is very much appreciated!

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