Sandbeds and slatted floor in Canada

Meet Dan Mosly, CowSignals Master Trainer from Canada. He is showing a unique system, here in this video. This cow barn has sand beds and slatted floors. So the question is, how does it work exactly. These video's show you how.

Just watch it and share your thoughts about this system. Feedback is always welcome.

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Adriaan Beulens

Looks promising! With what kind of machine do they take out the sand once a year?

Dan Mosley

Adriaan. This is a brand new barn and the cows have been in for 5 months. They plan to use a skidsteer to drive into the channels under the slats to remove the sand each year. They expect it will take 4 days to remove it all.

Hugo Deland

Hi, there's enough liquid to drive the manure to the end and separate sand or they do add water flush at the upper end?

Jennifer Brown

Great videos, Dan. Guess you should go back during or after cleaning and give us another look! I would like to see this tried on loose-housed sows.

Stephen Barbour

Hi we have slats with rubber on but I like the idea of the solid flooring in the center what is it made from? I can not tell by your video.

Joep Driessen

Hi Dan,

Can the lely manure cleaner clean the barn well?

Were are the cows when you clear the sand out? Grazing?

regards Joep

Keith Williamson

There is a unit in north cumbria in the UK milks 300 cows on sandbeds and slats they drive down into tank and clean sand out once a year with telehandlers cows never go out fantastic cows

Prof.(Dr.) M.P. Yadav

Use of sand as bed over the floor will certainly provide more comfort to the cows and probably better hygienic conditions. However, the latter aspects need scientific study and comparison with conventional system(s).

Joep Driessen

Thanks for your reactions everyone!

Arne Manger


Any updates on this system? Looks very promising, and very educational for me!

Joep Driessen

Arne Manger wrote:

Any updates on this system? Looks very promising, and very educational for me!

You can ask Dan Mosley!

You can contact him through his trainer profile:

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