Rabobank invests in project "Happy cows" for farming Rabo clients

Rabobank invests in project "Happy cows" for farming Rabo clients

Gain more efficiency and durability from your cows?

It can be done. In a way that is good for farmers, good for cows and good for their companies. For this reason Rabobank (Netherlands) decided to offer a special 'Happy Cow' programme, done by the CowSignals Training Company teaching it's clients how to realize this. The goal was to help the participating farmers to increase the life of their cows from 3,2 up to 4 lactations.


By looking, thinking and by doing the right things for the cows. By observing cow signals. By a better understanding off what is causing certain signals. And by knowing how to act on them. The programme offered 4 days of theory and practice in the barn. Subjects:
Claw signals
Building for the cow
Young stock signals
Dry cow signals?


25 farmers - devided in two groups - from Maas & Waal and Rijk van Nijmegen in the Netherlands. We are very happy to see that most of the participants already executed improvements from this program in their own farms.

CowSignals feedback (by Joep Driessen)

Joep Driessen: "It's always a pleasure working with a group of farmers. Their know-how and motivation but also their open-mindedness towards new insights are to be respected very much. In this case the Rabobank also showed to have great vision investing in the future of it's clients businesses but also in sustainability and wellbeing. So I compliment both farmers and Rabobank. We hope other initiatives develop on this example."

Findings & practitioner feedback

  • Cows always show you what's done right and what need's to be done better. Start paying more attention to the signals the cows are giving you
    Space and cow bed very important
    How to spot claw signals in time
    What to do about claw problems
    When to inseminate / lower costs

Read full report including over 50 quotes of feedback (in Dutch)

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