Prevent lameness, provide cows with a good bed

Prevent lameness, provide cows with a good bed

These pictures where send to us by Faan Fairlane Basson on Facebook. It's a barn in South-Africa with mattrasses. There are huge problems with hoof health: she estimates that 60% of the cows is lame.

Your cows deserve better! Too much standing causes damaged hocks and hoof problems, leading to lameness. Cows are standing because of bad beds. The biggest cause are cubicles that are too small. If you change the adjustments, you can go from 9 hours lying time to 12 hours. The next improvement can be gained with the bediing material. Choose deep, soft beds and go from 12 hours to even 14 hours lying time.

Did you know every hour extra lying time is one more liter of milk? Take care of your cows and they will take care of you!

Want to learn more about good bedding material? Click on the tag cow-bedding for more blogs.

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