Prevent lameness!

Prevent lameness!

Thanks to Karl Burgi from Dairy Hoof Care Institute USA for this comment on LinkedIn:

"We have very good research that shows up to 40% more lameness with mattress beds compared to sand or deep beds. A locomotion score 3 cow will lay the same amount of hours per day in deep bed as a healthy cow but a locomotion score 3 cow will stand more hours on a mattress bed. So for me it is clear that it is subclinical lameness and the standing that results in higher levels of lameness.

The solution to this problem;
• Facilities with mattress beds require a much higher level of management
• A correctly designed freestall that is optimized to the various size cows
• Covering the beds daily with some soft bedding material
• Excellent lameness prevention through timely and correct functional hoof trimming
• Locomotion scoring of all cows monthly or bi-monthly for early identification of subclinical lameness
• Cows with subclinical lameness must be functionally trimmed as soon as possible
• Daily implementation of urgent lame cow care and proper lameness treatments
• Lame cows will require follow up care and extra attention in the future."

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