PeopleSignals to become a better advisor

CowSignals with Hipra: here we are working on body language. It's a funny exercise: how can you make a big mess of it?

PeopleSignals to become a better advisor

PeopleSignals has been a key element in our CowSignals master course for years, but we're getting more and more request for special PeopleSignals lectures, workshops and trainigs these days. We understand why, because it is a vital subject for most professionals:

  • Presentors and trainers want to learn how to manage groups
  • Advisors and vets want to learn how to motivate farmers to change
  • Farmers want to learn how to motivate and educate staff

We're looking forward to do a lot more with PeopleSignals in 2018. It's fun and a necessity for every trainer, advisor, vet and farmer!

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PeopleSignals training for your team


"I can use PeopleSignals to het more interaction in my presentations"Floor van Dijk2.JPG
As a marketeer I see a lot of opportunities to combine the CowSignals knowledge with our labels. I like the PeopleSignals just as much as the CowSignals. I can use PeopleSignals to get more interaction in my presentations.

- Floor van Dijk, marketing manager at Nedap, the Netherlands

"I learned to become a more effective advisor"Francis Cosgrave2.JPG
I learned about CowSignals and about PeopleSignals. PeopleSignals helps me communicate better with farmers, pay attention to body language and ask the right questions. It will make me a more effective advisor. I would recommend this, it's an excellent training with excellent facilities.

- Francis Cosgrave, veterinary consultant, Ireland

"CowSignals helped me solve problems in a professional way"Tamara Fretz.jpg
I still take it personal when other people treat animals in a bad way, but CowSignals learned me how to handle it better and to solve the problems in a professional way. Thank you!

- Tamara Fretz, Switzerland

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