Opening new CowSignals Training Center

We are very happy and proud to announce that we opened our brand new training center. More space and a better view! Let us show you around:

We celebrated January 5th with CowSignals, Vetvice and Roodbont team. A great day with presentations and workshops, closing up with a drink. We're inspired to make 2016 a great year. Hope to see you here!

Team: Last row: Jan Hulsen (CowSignals, Vetvice), Mark Kok (Vetvice), Bertjan Westerlaan (Vetvice Barn Design), Harm Holleman (Roodbont), Marcel Drint (Vetvice), Peter Hut (research Vetvice/Nedap)
Middle: Rens (intern), Tjeu (intern), Sascha Plekkenpol (, Milou Fleuren (Vetvice Barn Design), Ton van Schie (Roodbont), Lidy den Bieman (CowSignals), Bram den Bieman (CowSignals), Ivo Ouwekerk, Anouk Brinkhoff (CowSignals)
Front row: Jelle Willemsen (Roodbont), Wiebe Veenstra (Vetvice Barn Design), Joep Driessen (CowSignals), Annelies Pernot (CowSignals), Bert van Niejenhuis (Vetvice), Nico Vreeburg (Vetvice Barn Design)

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