New! Video course stress-free stockmanship

We have a brand new video course for you! Very excited to share the news.

80% of sick leave on dairy farms is caused by accidents with cattle. These accidents can partly be prevented with more stockmanship training. Joep Driessen, founder of CowSignals, believes that a lot of people who work with cattle don’t know enough about safe and stress-free cow handling. There’s a blind spot in dairy cow management. Driessen’s company CowSignals is changing that by releasing a new video course called ‘stress-free stockmanship’.

Why stress-free stockmanship?

"No matter how good you are at reading the animal, the animal will always be better at reading you"

Chasing cows causes fear, lameness and lower milk production. This is bad for cows and bad for business. Scared animals are unpredictable and that’s where the trouble starts. Farmers that handle cows quietly, have less accidents. Staff that’s in control, will have cows in the milking parlor smoothly and rapidly. Stress-free stockmanship gives everyone on the farm more pleasure and satisfaction.

What is stress-free stockmanship?

Stress-free stockmanship means handling the animal with respect. No hitting and no shouting. When you understand the animal’s nature and honour her personal space, you can lead her with just your body language. It’s also about awareness of your own behaviour. Like one of the founders of stress-free stockmanship, Bud Williams, said: “No matter how good you are at reading the animal, the animal will always be better at reading you”.

Stress-free stockmanship training

We'll teach you:

  • How to look and think from the cow’s point of view.
  • How does a cow experience things?
  • What makes her insecure?
  • What are risk areas, where you need to be extra careful?
  • We show you how to handle and move cows without any stress.
  • We learn you to step back.

Learn more about stress-free stockmanship:

NOW: free webinar "Introduction stress-free stockmanship" available!

We give you 5 tips from our new video course.
We only have place for 100 attendees, so sign up now >>

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