New! CowSignals à-la-carte

New! CowSignals à-la-carte

We proudly present you: CowSignals à-la-carte

Our newest training course is a two-week program with a different training every day. We offer twelve subjects from which you can pick à-la-carte: you choose the day(s) you’re interested in and select your own personalized program. We always have the right fit for you!

These courses are available for:
- CowSignals trainers who want to learn more
- advisors, veterinarians* and herd managers
- your colleagues
- your best clients

*Dutch veterinarians can take these day trainings as a refresher course and get 8 credits per subject for CKRD


Day 1. CowSignals
Day 2. HoofSignals
Day 3. YoungStock Signals
Day 4. Dry to Fresh Signals
Day 5. Fertility Signals
Day 6. PeopleSignals
Sunday Fun day!

Day 7. Udder Signals
Day 8. Feeding Signals
Day 9. Stress-free Stockmanship
Day 10 . Robot Milking Signals
Day 11. Building for the cow
Day 12. Barn Design

Read more about the day training subjects >>

Coming up next:

June 13-25, 2016
See full program >>


Day fee per person per training: € 400,-
Day fee if you join three trainings or more: € 330,-


Download brochure here >>

More info about open day trainings à-la-carte >>

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