New cow friendly floor in free space barns

Here we have something new for you from Holland. It is still being tested, we know it works well for dry cows.
The robot is cleaning the manure and the urine drains down and is collected.

What do you think of this system?

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patric létourneau

Wow !!!


Wow! This is a great idea! And it seems so comfortable. We have to considered it seriously with the welfare taking more place. What's the possibility for Canada?


Yeah, it' s Wow! ... But, how does the Robot work? How you clean the robot? How much does it cost?
To many Open questions I would hear from Swiss Farmers.... But for the animals it seems to be a dry and comfortable Solution. Go on with this idea!

Mohammad Alkhateeb

Genius invention, this deserves a big big prize, I am sure animals will like it.

Mohammad Alkhateeb

It is really amazing floor system, I think it will work great for cow comfort & I do expect an increase in yield also, not to mention reduce lameness, improve heat detection & by so improving fertility, reduce mastitis, reduce culling as well.

Joep Driessen

I Understand it is available in North America as well. Martin Folkema (@farmsmart101) sent some pictures on twitter:, also with the floor cleaning robot:

Contact Welfare for the costs:

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