Milking routine: wait 2 minutes

At this farm, the milkers clock their milking routine. They can't start connecting before 2 minutes after the first prep.

Farm is in Michigan - a visit with veterinarian and CowSignals trainer Mark Fox.

Why do you think they do this? What do you think of this routine? Please share below!

Milking routines are part of our Udder Signals course.

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On modern high yielding herds, 2 minutes can be a bit much: oxytocine-levels can already drop. First of all, cows should be at ease and prepping should be intensive enough to allow oxytocine-system to do it's job. In this GEA farm you can monitor bimodality percentage per milking in the DairyPlan management system.


It’s a big parlour - probably requiring many different milkers throughout the week. This routine would help make sure all employees were doing the same milking protocols. Attaching milkers too soon is likely more damaging than a little too late.


I think it helps the milkers to take time to prep the cows, thereby for the first cow it takes 2 minutes, but the last it is 80 seconds. For the first cow i agree with Jeroen that 2 minutes is a bit too long, but if they make this time shorter, the last cow will be attached less than 1 minute after prepping.

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