Managing cow traffic: smart solutions from Switzerland

Managing cow traffic: smart solutions from Switzerland

How can you guide your cows easily and quietly through your barn?
Here we have two smart solutions from Switzerland:

1. Multifunctional tube
You can use the tube in three directions. In you don't need it, you just lift it up.

2. Catching cows
With this fence you can easily catch a cow, for example after calving.

Please let us know what you think of this.
If you have any examples of your own, please share them as well!

Credits go to trainer Christian Manser and Vetvice.

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Mooie oplossing. Echter als je de buis eens gebruikt om koeien bij te sturen. En dus de buis uit de vergrendeling hebt, kan de koe zich kapot lopen op die buis. Buis in de pens, koe kapot, of je komt er zelf tussen. En als een koe de kop eronder zet gaat dat ding krom en draait en schuift het niet zo lekker meer. Verder mooie ruime opzet.

Jose Antonio Romero Martinez

very good, notice that in the video is stainless steel pipe , if so is very good investment to aviod mantenance as steel

Mohammad Alkhateeb

Excellent thinking, for the alley some uses pipes on the ground with some space in between, cows don't walk on these pipes because they don't feel safe, this way they walk only on certain path to & from milking parlour. some use it on cross over points.


nice solution :-)
if you use a cord for locking the fence (while you stand besides the cow with the gate) it will be even more easy to fix the cow :-)

Anouk Brinkhoff

Thanks for you additional ideas. Keep it simple! There are many solutions! @Erik: Yes , bit vulnerable if pulled out..

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