Make sure water is clean and easy accessible!

Make sure water is clean and easy accessible!

What do you see in the picture above?

The cow is drinking from the wrong side, straining herself. You want her to drink from the right side: less manure, urine and spilling water in straw = cleaner, dryer and cheaper bed! Our tips: put rubber onf the floor and either raise the bar ... or take it all away.

Besides easy accessible, also make sure the water is always clean.
This farmer shows you how to do that:

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FREE Over 85% of milk is water. The more water your cows drink, the more milk you get. In a survey we found that half of the farms have very poor quality shitty water. We need to do a better job than that! In this article we explain what you need to pay attention to. Download now >>


A cow needs a deep, soft bed, a feeding place and a stress-free calving line. We teach you how to think from the cow’s point of view and build to provide in her needs: a nice bed, easy feeding and a grippy floor. Learn more in our open day trainings:

  • Friday 24 June 2016 Building for the cow
  • Saturday 25 June 2016 Barn Design

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