Look through the eyes of a cow – with Virtual Reality!

Look through the eyes of a cow – with Virtual Reality!

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The VR experience that helps you understand cows

We always advise people to look through the yes of the cow. In fact, it is the first lesson in our CowSignals® e-learning module. And thanks to the staff of the agricultural education center in Echem, Germany, people can see the world of a cow – with VR-glasses!

Why look through the eyes of a cow?

A cow’s vision is not like ours; it’s limited to 330 degrees and it’s blurry on the edges. But a cow’s vision is much more sensitive when it comes to differences between light and dark.
All in all, cows need more time to adjust to their surroundings than we do.
This also means that cows can’t handle changes in their surroundings as well as we do – so it’s easy to stress out a cow and not be aware of it.

How does the VR experience help?

The creators of the ‘cow glasses’ want to help farmers understand their cows better – something we support very much. By understanding your cows, you can change your behavior to reduce stress. And there are lots of reasons why you want to keep your cows as relaxed as possible:
- 80% of sick leave on dairy farms is caused by accidents with cattle.
- Chasing cows causes fear, lameness and lower milk production. This is bad for cows and bad for business.
- A relaxed dairy cow will reward her handler with a high milk yield!
- Working with easy-going cows makes for a much more pleasant work day.

Stress-free Stockmanship

Of course, there are more ways to understand the cow: in our Stress-free Stockmanship course, we use practical examples and methods from the best dairymen in the world to teach you how to handle cattle without stress.
Stress-free stockmanship training is available as an e-learning course, and as an in-company workshop. Click below for more information and sign up!


In-company training

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