Look these cows are locked in for too long

What is this cow telling you here?

Locked in for too long (5-9 am). We like to select the cows you need direct after milking so you do not need to lock them at all. Or tie a rope on the ones you need and relaese the rest... No cubicles, wet rubber to lay down, high mastitis.

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Tom Whitten

Only cows to be immediately worked on should be locked up. For herd checks lock cows up in the pen while the previous pen is worked. This herd was also not pushing up feed.

dave jefferds

I would put a swing gate in so as to catch only needed for treatment. Still they not be there for four hours.

Tom Stevenson

They should be looking to put cubicles in directly behind cows , this way cow can eat at leasure go and lie down eat cud and produce milk.
The higher production off the contented cow would more than meet the cost of cubicles, also the decrease in health problems .
When finished milking any cows for health treatment or servicing should be put into separate stalling unit and attended to as soon as possible within at least 2 hours.

Jim Van Patter

I always try to keep lockup time under 30 minutes. You need to make sure you have the manpower to do fresh checks or AI in that time. You have to make sure your cows time budget is tracked and time away from the pen and lock up keep to under 3 hours per day.

Andrew James Bury

Majority of the cows aren't eating, they have had their fill and want to go an lie down.

Joep driessen

Thanks guys, great comments. Max 3 hours out of pen incl locking... !
We like to have max 2 hours out of pen. Thats why i like robotic milking: only 3x 7 minutes milking time. Automatic selection sononly bothering cows when you really need them...

Regards Joep

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