Let your cows breathe, open up your barn

Let your cows breathe, open up your barn

Bad cubicles can give you a lot of problems, for example with mastitis and hoof infections. This will cause the cows pain and you a lot of labour and money loss. So do it right! Good cubicles make for happy cows and a happy you: a lot more milk production and a lot less labour.

Part of creating a good cubicle is giving your cows enough fresh air. Cows love it and they need it! Here we see an excellent example, send in by CowSignals master trainer and barn designer Christian Manser from Switzerland. Breaking out the wall give you a lot of extra air.

How do you provide your cows with enough air?
Please share your thoughts below.

More about cubicle design in our upcoming whitepaper. Stay tuned!
You can contact Christian for advise and training in Switzerland.

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How about drich weather - November rain ?

Joep Driessen

Peter wrote:
How about drich weather - November rain ?

Curtain! Or one meter extra roofing to prevent incomming rain

Ellen Schmitt

I find this fantastic ! Great pics and what a nice demonstration of opening up a barn. I will share with the French farmers (mentionning your name) so they can also enjoy :)

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