King-size beds for older cows (for 2 extra years of milk)

King-size beds for older cows (for 2 extra years of milk)

Arie van Ramshorst, a CowSignals inspired farmer,

build a senior barn for older cows to let them live longer. He thinks that his cows happily give two more years milk on his farm. Arie and Ellis van Ramshort have 90 cows and want to grow to 130 cows. Arie built 6 years ago a stress free calving line of 70 m2 of straw for 3 till 4 close up cows, 10 days before calving and 3 fresh or weak cows, 10 days after calving.

This became a big success,
already 2 of his cows reached 15 lactations and 10.000 kg fat and protein. Now he has doubled the size of his stress free calving line and he made a king size bed group with larger softer beds for older cows (4-5 lactations and older).

Arie is convinced about his success of his stress free calving line. He is also knows that deep soft beds will make cows live longer. It has a good return on investment. After joining several CowSignals trainings at the CowSignals Training Company he made lots of necessary changes last years:

• He took the walls out for more head space.
• Makes softer beds for more resting time
• He grooved the floors to give the cows more grip
• He installed fans for more fresh air in the barn
• He installed a new lightning system
• Build a stress free calving line
• He build a special senior barn for his older cows

We want to congratulate all the cows of Arie and Ellis van Ramshorst with the new senior barn and stress free calving line and wish them a happy and long life!

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I am joining the congratulations.. how inspiring to read about such creativity and care for the cows .. May it bring an awesome fruit!

Modern Dairy

This is what comforting the older cows with sleeping place requirement will add an extra milking power to it. And that is why Dairy Farming is reaching the heights, with this kind of blogs. I am just going to suggest this idea to my customers!

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