Keep cows healthy! Antibiotic reduction is necesary

Keep cows healthy! Antibiotic reduction is necesary

One of the biggest challenges we face nowadays is the reduction of antibiotics. Antimicrobial resistance makes a huge reduction necasary. Read about it for example in the Lancet series.

In the Netherlands we've made big steps. The Dutch organization SDa has been working on antibiotics reduction here. Their goal was to reduce antibiotics from 2007 to 2014 with 50%. They succeeded in their goal and are now trying to reduce it with 20% more. You can read about it in their report. We think it's a great achievement from farmers, vets and advisors!

With CowSignals we focus on keeping cows healthy. If you give cows what they need, they can happily live twice as long. Read more about cows' basic needs in our free whitepaper Healthy Cow Guideline.

What do you do to reduce antibiotics? Please share your experience below. Together we know more!

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