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After seeing one of our videos about a calf shed in Norway, CowSignals friend dr Rami Hamad made a very valid point: these sheds are not suitable for every region. If you'd make them like this in the middle East, all calfs and cows will immediately go into heat stress.

Heat stress is a very serious problem. You have to pay attention to the temperature. Calves like it around 20 degrees Celcius, cows are OK between 5 - 15 degrees C.

How do you control the temperature?
Watch this video with dr Rami Hamad, where he explain how to handle the hot temperatures in his country.

Al Rawabi, Dubai

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Muhammad Iftikhar Baloch

Dr. Rami,

Can you please provide some details about what steps do we need to take to prevent the cows from heat stress in the areas like Pakistan, like installing showers and fans. For how long the showering shall continue during the day? What will be the effect if we install curtains on three sides of an open shed and a Desert Cooler during the dry hot season?

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