Joep Driessen at We''ll 2013 - symposium about future of agriculture

Given the fact that demand for food will only increase, the agricultural sector is facing challenges as well as opportunities. We’ll generate momentum to maximise the benefits of agriculture. Are you interested in the future of agriculture?

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Speakers We'll 2013:

Rene Boender: “ROI: Return on Ideas, Return on Involvement”
Martijn Aslander: “In 15 years energy will be free. Then water will be free, then food will be free”.
Martin Scholten, Wageningen University: ”2050: Double production and cut in half the economic footprint”.
Rod Claycomb:”overview on milk production worldwide, these are the facts”
Pierre Berntsen ABN/ AMRO bank: “Half of the food is wasted”.
Christel Cederberg, Sweden: “Dual purpose cows need less land and uses more grass and less concentrate…”
Karel Noordzij: “90% of products is wasted in 6 months, 60% of minerals are not recycled
Jonathan Foley The other inconvenient truth: “More food with less water”
Joep Driessen: “It is easy to go to 3,5 to 5 lactations. Give the cow a soft bed, a stress free calving line and a place to eat.”

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Hi, I have just watched the video, great!!! thank you

fergus smyth

farmers need more education in this area ;but pride is in there way.we are dairy farmers but sometimes go in wrong direction.groups need to meet and see what is happening on the ground

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