Is the moving feed barrier a good idea?

Is the moving feed fence a smart solution? That's the key question of this blog.

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Hi dear cow-friends,

A farmer is going to build a new barn. He is asking about a moving feed barrier to save building costs and have an easy feeding. The barn is for about 40 cows. Instead of a feeding table, there is a feeding place for grass silage and the cows will get concentrate in the robot. We do not have any experience with this moving feed fence, and are wondering if anybody else have?

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What do you think of the moving feed barrier?

So- what do you think of the moving feed fence, good or bad idea? How is it used, for dry cows, or every cow? Comment the principle, not the brand. Please let us know your thoughts!

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A relative of mine has the cow pow installed,
Good Points:
-no pushing up required
-could put in feed for a few days using a big pit slicer

Bad Points:
- not wide enough for alot of modern day machinery
- only one feed can be fed to cows both sides of barrier (same group needed on both sides)
- if the rubber pieces on sides are not there then there is a risk of loosing a cow in between the bars
- if feeding loose feed such as maize or grains then there is alot of wastage as cows mush barrier over the feed and walking over it

Brian Dugdale

Is pushing up feed such a chore?

Philip Rember

Could use a double hinged feed keeper in combination with a 20cm ×60cm recessed feed bunk. This would keep the feed close to the cow without excessive wear on the front feet from reaching farther than she should.

Annelise Hever

Looks to me like a very bad idea...
When and from where do they observe their cows?
All these cows will have swellings at their shoulders within a couple of month because they need to push constantly againt metal. There is no possiblilty for feeding more than one kind of feed and no possibility to ever change the feeding strategy. With the shown dimensions of the feeding table, it is very theoretical that one needs to feed the cows only every couple of days. If pushing up feed has to be done automatically Lely will sell them gladfully a Juno...

Jan-Roelof Jalvingh

Systems with a moving feed barrier are already used here in the Netherlands for I think about 30 years.

The advantages of it are lower building costst and less labour. Disadvantages of the system is that you can't correct or optimize your ration at the feedbunk. This has to be done in the milkingparlour, milkingrobot or feedingstations.

I think it is a usefull system when you have a lot of silage in an extensive system so milking is all about converting grass into milk and not use a lot of concentrates.

Joep Driessen

If you want to earn money with dairy farming, save time by having less sick cows: you have to give every cow a feed space!
75 cm width per cow ( dry cows 85-90 cm) so they can all eat at the same time!

I would invest all my money in feed space, deep beds and stress-free calving lines.
And not in this system


AS am nutritionist this feeding system maybe can be success in a small farms but in the big one totally can not get your correct results from feed by milking parlor shifts as you have to follow up with any feed shift separately ( saving your feed cost by keep feed balance for tomorrow ).

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