Inside one of the biggest farms of China

We saw you all liked the previous video where we showed you the outside. This week we are going in!

Some details: there are 8 milk sheds, 376 m long and 2400 cows total, 400 cows per group. The sheds are cross ventilated and they have double rows. Dry manure is used for bedding, which are done twice a day.

Coming up: videos of feeding station, milking rotaries and calving line.

Let us know how you like it!

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Raul Araya

is a farm or factory?????

Dr. A BELLO crc

congratulations we wish you all the best in your deliberations.

jim areias

How much milk is produced cow and what does it cost to produce it?


What you think about using dry manure for bedding?

David Filmer

Good to see the excellent condition of the cows and the attention to their welfare

paul kelders

Just because some things are 'better' doesn't automatically mean they're 'good'. I'd love to know:

do the animals get to go outside?
are they constantly on concrete?
are they fed grass or GM soya?
what's the average life expectancy?
what's the average yield v 'normal'?
how is the waste disposed?

before we celebrate the industrialisation of farming, let's be sure we know what we're celebrating.

Ajay Rai

Really amazing post! I glad to know about this dairy farm. I liked the valuable information that you share in this post. Keep up sharing such nice post with us. You can find some more information about milk processing at here

Joep Driessen

Lots of questions here! Let me answer them:
- How much milk is produced cow and what does it cost to produce it?
This farm 30 liter with a Kiwi cross bred cow. Not bad!! 40-44 cents per liter is cost price, because of high feed costs, much imported from US

- Do the animals get to go outside?

- Are they constantly on concrete?
Yes, only rubber in parlour and collecting yard

- Are they fed grass or GM soya?
All of it I guess , imported from US

- What's the average life expectancy?
Just started, now 2 years old. I geuss, looking at the system: probably 3 years in the future. Depends very much on disease control programs: leucose, brucellose , tuberculose risks!! (lepto, paraTBC/Johnes)

- What's the average yield v 'normal'?
30 liter year round production

- How is the waste disposed?
Separated manure, re-used in bedding twice daily, waste water is to be treated by Italians:. They regain: refining the manure into : minerals, energy and water.

Hi Paul,

I am not celebrating it…. It is just another system. But very well done by the Chinese. I prefer our Dutch loose house systems, and family farms in the Netherlands with 1 or 2 milkrobots. Cow on pasture for 200 days is also nice. Every system can be successful. You just have to do the right thing. Groups of 400 cows here have at least one feed space and one resting place… that is already better then 75% of all European and American cows…
Lots to learn for all of us! Hope to see you in one of our trainings soon! Take care and thanks for your feedback!!

Joep Driessen

Şevket wrote:
What you think about using dry manure for bedding?

Very good system, lot better than mats, if managed well with excellent ventilation.

pankaj arora

'Mega-cotels' will prove to be the future of dairy industry............

Frank Mike

Nice Video..... the video is very nice and educate us. WOMEN IN AGRICULTURE in ghana are also into animal farming. Thanks

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