Improve cow comfort by tipping over the head locks

Great video by on Marco about tipping over the head locks. Marco is one of the farmers on our Facebook page.

"I wanted to improve cow comfort and I wasn't sure how much tilt was the best for the cows. I also wanted to make sure that the head locks still work.
I don't see much different eating behavior. What I do notice is that the cows do not push up against the headlocks to eat which should make it more comfortable for them to eat. The blocks of wood will be replaced with steal brackets as soon as I find out where I want to have it. The wood blocks was just an easy cheap way to try it and see if the headlocks still worked "

We think it is a great experiment. Feeding Signals is not just about providing a quality ration, but also about good housing and management. This videos shows that you can also be creative in an existing barn. You can try it in your own barn too or help your farmer clients experiment.

Let us know what you think? Feel free to share examples from your (clients') barn as well!

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Marko inventor.

Tommy Wollesen

Marko the only way to see, is this correct or not.
is look into the food when the cows have eating, is the holes round or oblong, is cows eat in Flex Feed or in the nature it is oblong. the only thing you do now is to give them less damage on the front shoulders.
but if you want that cows eat more and afterwards lay longer( longer laying time, is more milk, and longer life time on the cows) the holes in the food need to be oblong, to get it right.


I woudl like to know, What angle of the head lock do you recommend?

Joep Driessen

Ricardo wrote:
I woudl like to know, What angle of the head lock do you recommend?

Hi Ricardo!

Good question, you still want them to work! Roughly 30 centimeters gives the most freedom: shoulder joint is not pressured. Depends on the wall height and thickness. Just try one fence with 30 cm, see how it works for cows and cleaning of feed trough with tractor. Sometimes 20 cm will do. Good luck!

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