"I learned to become a more effective advisor"

CowSignals master trainer Francis Cosgrave after doing the 4 day open master course:
"I learned about CowSignals and about PeopleSignals. PeopleSignals helps me communicatie better with farmers, pay attention to body language and ask the right questions. It will make me a more effective advisor. I would recommend this, it's an excellent training with excellent facilities"

You can contact Francis for training in Ireland >>

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How are you? I want to work as a vol
unteer and I want you to guide me

Joep Driessen

How are you? I want to work as a vol
unteer and I want you to guide me

Hi Djafernacer,

Thanks for your enthusiasm! We don't work with volunteers, we offer a CowSignals master course of 4 days, after which you can start out as a CowSignals trainer/advisor in your own country.
More info: https://www.cowsignals.com/training/open_master_trainer_course/

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