How to speed up milking?

In this video we show you a farm in Asturias, Spain. Maybe you can learn something from their milking procedure, or maybe they can learn something from yours!

If they want to speed up milking, what would you advise:

- Hire more people?
- Invest in Stressfree Stockmanship training?

Let us know in the comments!

Stress-free Stockmanship

Udder Signals

Webinar Robotic milking

Comments (3)


Didn't really look like stress free milking with that big water hose and the whistling


Agreed. With proper use of a crowd gate, there should be no reason to push cows into the parlor except the last 10-15. If the goal of the water hose is to wash hooves, perhaps a better investment would be an automatic footbath that dumps and refills every 90-100 cows that includes a rinse bath and wash bath inline. Alternatively a single bath that contains soapy water every milking except maybe 3x per week where soap is replaced with an approved foot treatment chemical to control "strawberry " foot rot?


Great observations, Philip and Colin; thanks for sharing!

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