How to harvest 'Liquid gold'

Excellent instruction movie from DairyCo UK, on how to harvest "Liquid Gold". Lots to learn about basic baby hygiene.

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Mauricio Vega

Excelente video muy ilustrativo y conciso para evitar problemas en nuestra recría gracias por la información

Oscar H Bollati

Muy bueno el video, es muy importante el cuidado de la contaminación del calostro y la higiene de los utensilios. Que temperatura máxima hay que utilizar para pasterizar el calostro y que tiempo se necesita para se realice correctamente.


A very insightful film on the colostrum hygiene which i have suffered from before i realized what was happening to my calves.

Sam Leadley

Excellent presentation of best management practices that need to be adopted on every dairy farm.

Anouk Brinkhoff

Thanks for your reactions everyone. Good to read you found it as interesting as we did!

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