How to beat the heat: tips & tricks from our community

How to beat the heat: tips & tricks from our community

In the summer, heat stress can threaten cow comfort and have a negative effect on their milk yield. When temperatures are rising, every dairy farmer needs a game plan to keep his cows cool enough and prevent heat-related problems.
In our last newsletter, we asked our community to share their best tips to beat the heat, to let everyone profit from each other’s knowledge. So keep reading for some farmer-to-farmer advice!

Mohammad Alkhateeb writes:
“For beating beating heat stress it’s better to modify feed ration at least 45 days before summer. This should include fiber content, adding protected fat, feed additives such as potassium carbonate, increase sodium bicarbonate dose, anti-oxidants, niacin, and beataine.
Other things to consider are stocking rate, cooling system, cow brush, time of feeding and drinking water management.”

Reinoud Verhoef says:
“In the holding area the cows get soaked 2 or 3 times a day. Sandbedding fresh once a week. Rake stalls, push up feed 6 times a day. Feed twice a day.”

Dr. Feroz Hanif advises:
“There must be cool showers in the barn. H2O therapy can also beat the heat.”

And Glenda Grawe writes:
“We put 5 gallon buckets of water in the freezer and set them in front of the fans
Will also put ice blocks in the drinkers with a drop of peppermint oil...”

What do you think of these tips? And do you have any advice of your own for you fellow farmers?
Let us know in the comments or send us an email at, and we will spread the word :).
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