How can we have all the cows resting in their cubicles?

In the straw we see all the cows resting comfortable. The robot barn is a different story. How can we achieve the same result?

Please share your thoughts below.

Free whitepaper Cubicle design for dairy cows

"Providing optimal cow comfort in a cubicle system is not easy. In the pasture it is easy: here they are provided with the seven basic needs from the CowSignals Diamond: feed, water, light, air, rest, space & health.Of course, it is not always possible to keep your cows in the fields. Inside, the next best thing is the free walking straw barn (or sand/ sawdust). Cows around calving (3 weeks before till 3 weeks after) should always get the freedoms of a free straw pack (stress-free calving line)".

Download whitepaper Cubicle Design

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waqas ahmad

it show like that cow are waiting for milking or they just came from feed table

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