Horn matters

Horn matters

CowSignals trainer Tamara Fretz shared this article about keeping horns on cows. The article is in German, Tamara summarizes for us in English:

"We don’t want to forbid taking away horns, we just want to support the farmers that don’t. I write you here shortly why we, the Initiativ committee, think that the cows need their horns:

1. Evolution - the Ur had huge horns
2. Anatomy - the horn is an organ, a piece of the crane unnerved and blood streaming through. It’s alive, not just fingernails!
3. Communication - each position of the horns to individual members of the herd and to the herd will say something. Prevent of fight, hierarchy is already done on distance
4. Socialize and comfort - scratching each other or themselves (chest, back, etc.)
5. Metabolism - gases from ruminating pass via sinus into the horns and there they pass probably into blood. (people allergic to milk digest milk from horn cows much better!
6. Genetic hornless - just a natural mutation that happens, bred by humans
7. Danger - 14% of all accidents with cows are because of the horn; more than 40% is kicked by cow! To prevent accidents cut off the legs, not the horns!
8. Law - Lawyers say, that taking away the horns is against the Swiss animal protection law.
9. Freestall barn - it is no problem to keep cows with horn in a freestall barn, you just have to plan it in the right way!
10. Heat balance - horn help to regulate the heat balance of the cow".

Read full article (in German) here>>

How do you feel about the subject? Please share your thoughts!

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