Help farmers fight calf mortality – 5 tips for vets

Help farmers fight calf mortality – 5 tips for vets

As a vet, you dedicate yourself to the welfare of cows and farmers, both with curative and with preventive care. The last one tends to be quite tricky; it can be hard to have an actual impact on prevention in cases where farmers need to change their work methods to improve calf health. Before you know it, you’re back at the same farm treating the same problems, without ever seeing improvement.
Calf mortality still exceeds target levels in many countries around the world; mortality rates are often 10% or higher. And this while, according to experts, a rate of less than 5% should be possible!
If you want to help farmers reduce calf mortality and optimize their youngstock rearing, keep these things in mind:

1. Raise awareness

Ask your client about his calf mortality rate. Does he know how many calves he’s losing, or what the cost is? Admitting the problem is an important first step.

2. Motivate change

Is your client willing to change? It’s important to leave them in control, instead of telling them what to do. Assure your client that improvement is possible and tell them what they can gain, but leave the choice with them.

3. Identify problems

Help your client find out what causes their problems. A checklist can help a great deal with this step!

4. Make a plan of action – together

Think about solutions – together. It’s vital that your client remains in the lead here. Ask questions to help them decide which solutions are best to start with. Start small, and work you way up to larger changes. If your client agrees with the plan of action, he’s more likely to follow up on it.

5. Celebrate the (small) wins

To keep your client motivated over time, don’t forget to celebrate the improvements; however small. Notice the results, give compliments; if they are proud of their accomplishments, they will keep up the good work!

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