Heartwarming story that will make you love cows!

Heartwarming story that will make you love cows!

By one of our Facebook fans:

"Hi..I'm the mom of a daughter in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her name is Leah and she's in the forth year of a dairy project. Leah LOVES cows. We go visit a dairy farm about 3 or 4 days a week to walk her calf to train her for shows in the summer.
Leah also suffers from chronic severe daily headaches. For an unknown reason when she is with the cows..her headache goes away. No one knows why..not even her neurologist at our children's hospital knows why.
Our family is grateful to Alan who owns the dairy farm and allows the kids from the project to go love his cows

We wish Leah and her mom the best and hope Leah can enjoy the cows a lot longer!

If anyone has an answer to this mystery, please let us know. Would be great if we can help out Leah!

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