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Have a look at this facility. What do you like? What would you do better in a next barn?

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Barn is very clean, new. Appears cows moved in recently. In US we prefer sand if waste system can accommodate. Add some bedding to the new mattress? Cow sizing. Two year olds, separate; size stalls for the largest cows in the group
more details about the barn?


Can you please tell what kind of material is used for bedding?


Very interesting that there are more cows on the straw loose house vs on the freestalls. Is this showing a preference or is this just a one off?


Too many cows in the straw so that meens too man cows in this group or the straw pen is too small its hard to see in the video.
Thats why the week cows lay down in the freestalls.

jon offland

Remove the cubicles to increase straw yard size and increases feed access.

Annelise Hever

Jon is right.
Cubicles are too short anyway. You can see it from the way the cows are laying in it, despite good head space. The two cows may be weak cows which feel better protected in the cubicles because the straw yard is overstocked.

Genius farms

All cows looking good, can I know the feed compilation

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