Happy CowSignals users

Happy CowSignals users

International Business and Language students of Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (HAN) have been doing satisfaction research for us among companies, trainers and video learning users. Four groups did four different researches. Here are the main results:

1. Research among our master trainers

All trainers let us know that they're very positive about CowSignals. Some let us know that they would like to do more specialisation trainings, like Robotic Milking, HoofSignals and YoungStock Signals. We're hoping to respond to this wish with CowSignals à-la-carte. Also, a few trainers suggested to make CowSignals available in other languages as well. That's definitely something we want to do in the future. Finally, most trainers suggested to bring back the frequency of our news letter to once every two weeks, which we did already.

2. Research among 130 countries

We wanted to know how we can expand CowSignals to other areas as well. Quite a complex research, that is still running. Two new groups are working on it right now.

3. Research among companies

We mainly got the same results as with the master trainers. All companies let us know to be very satisfied with CowSignals. Also a few suggestions to bring down the frequency of the news letter and to offer CowSignals in more languages.

4. Research among video learning users

Most video learning users let us know that the courses are very valuable. A few farmers have used it very successfully to educate their staff. There where a few problems with registering and logging in, we're working to solve these problems. Also, participants let us know that they are very interested in follow-up courses with more details. We already have HoofSignals and YoungStock Signals available and are now working on Udder Signals. After that, we'll be working on other subjects as well.

We thank the students for their effort, and you for you time!
We are now implementing most of the recommendations.
Thanks to all of you for your trust in CowSignals. Keep up the good work!

NB: Do you have any additional suggestions or feedback for us? Please let us know! We're working very hard on improving CowSignals every day. You can e-mail your reaction to Anouk.

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