Got an itch to scratch?

Got an itch to scratch?

Wolfgang Müller, one of our German CowSignals® Masters, introduced us to these scratch mats. He says:

"These craping mats for calves and cattle are available now. The mats serve for independent grooming in the stable and in the pasture. They are made of natural rubber material, with soft movable nubs for intensive grooming. The animals have the opportunity to rub independently on the mat, without causing any skin irritation.
The mat can be attachted flat to the wall, or wrapped around columns, piles or corners.
Looking at the video, the scratching mat is a small but very valuable contribution to increasing the well-being of the calves. Animal welfare is also very important to the little ones!"

We would love to hear experiences from our community: have you ever come across these sratch mats, or do you use them yourself? What do you think?


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